I loved Mario when I was a kid. I was on my computer playing roblox till someone on hangouts told me that there was a lost Episode to SMW. He sent me the link. I clicked the Super Mario World Lost Episode. It began with static flickering. The next scene shows The title. It said Lost Episode on my computer. The real Episode began with an Image of Luigi and Yoshi in a cave. For some reason I heard the Lazytown We Are Number 1 Song. It played in a low pitch. It cut to static. The music came to a stop. It then shows footage of Yoshi Spitting Mario out. The disturbing this was it was playing over and over! It cut to static. Screaming was heard. It then cuts to Mario Taking a Gun and he shoots Yoshi. It cut to static. What was worse was that I heard the Sonic laugh from Sonic.exe. It cut to static. It showed an image of Mario saying "I am God!"

Evil Mario

Mario saying I AM GOD

I was too disturbed like I was ready to leave the video but had to keep watching. Then it cut to static and showed a Message saying Times Up, Your Next to Die! Mario will kill you tonight! It ended. I will never watch or Play Mario again! What were they thinking?!